Shipping FAQs

All items will ship with USPS Priority Mail.

Shipping Address Errors
Your package’s address label is automatically printed from the address you enter at checkout. Poppy Popcorn Co. is not responsible for delivery errors that result from typos or addresses being entered incorrectly in our order system, nor do we offer refunds or replacements due to incorrect shipping addresses. Please check and double check your address when ordering.

A Note on Summer/Warm Weather Shipping
While we want you to enjoy our delicious Poppy Popcorn Co treats year-round, orders placed during summer may encounter difficulties due to natural fluctuations. Many of our flavors feature chocolate and candy coatings that are sensitive to excess warmth. If your order arrives with melted chocolate or other coatings, we encourage you to bring it to a moderate environment (room temperature, or about 66-72 degrees) before enjoying. Your popcorn is consumable and will taste just as delicious even if some melting has occurred. For these reasons, we cannot be responsible for melted product, and do not offer refunds if this occurs. If you are shipping to a climate different than your own, please check the weather beforehand.

Missing Packages
Once the package leaves our shop, its care and handling becomes the duty of the United States Postal Service. They will issue your package a unique ID tracking number. When your local carrier delivers the package, your tracking ID will show “delivered.” Rarely, packages mark as delivered will encounter delays. Lost, stolen or delayed packages are extremely rare. Please reach out to your local Post Office branch for assistance in locating your misdirected package. If your package is still missing after 5-7 business days, you may file an insurance claim through the Post Office.

Refunds and Exchanges
All Poppy Popcorn Co products are perishable. We ship our delicious products to you freshly-made for optimal shelf life and maximum enjoyment. We do not offer refunds or exchanges for items damaged in shipping, items left unattended upon arrival at the customer’s shipping address, or other circumstances outside of our control. Refunds and exchanges are allowable only if the item you purchased has a quality defect not related to the issues mentioned above. If you believe your item qualifies for a refund or exchange, please contact us via our contact form.

Product Shelf Life
We want you to have the fullest enjoyment of the amazing ingredients we put into all of our Poppy Popcorn Co. popcorn products. All of our popcorns are handmade and fresh-sealed in plastic, vapor-barrier packaging in-house. Originally-sealed packages have a shelf life of between six and twelve months depending on the flavor. Once opened, we recommend you consume the product within one week (or one sitting – we won’t judge!) for maximum freshness.