Mary Cunningham

Mary Cunningham

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As a business owner, I've shipped Poppy Popcorn Co flavors all over the United States as holiday gifts and brought it as "brain food" to meetings and conferences. Regardless of whether I'm in downtown Seattle or Atlanta or small-town Wisconsin, Poppy Popcorn flavors are ALWAYS a hit. It's a perfect way for your business to make a mark!

Tara Y

Ordered bulk popcorn for a graduation party. Amazing service and the popcorn is always DELICIOUS! Ordering was easy and the popcorn came in a plastic bucket for easy handling. Thank you Poppy Popcorn Co!

Shanny A

Love this place! Such a great little shop and such good service, popcorn, and variety! We love it. Some personal favorites are Pest-OH!, Deliciously Dill, and Salted Cow. Seriously, just grab a bunch and munch! This was a hit for deer camp, Christmas, and weekend movie nights at home. Such a treat!

Nicole H
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